The ecommerce industry has evolved a long way, with the introduction of many different technologies. Sortation is one area with massive technological advancements to ease material handling, order fulfillment and warehouse orders. Today’s businesses have low labour fees, more efficiency and faster operations because of the upgraded sorting technology. We have gathered the information you need to set up an automated e-commerce fulfillment solutions , and include several different sorters available from our store.

Defining an automation and e-commerce fulfillment system

Sortation is the process of transporting and diverting items from a conveyor system to the destination spot. Traditional sortation involves relying on human labour to identify and move items. In contrast, modern technology involves various technological features like barcodes and sensors to accomplish the same goals. The sorting systems are available in a variety of specifications to ensure better product handling and transportation.

Types of sortation systems

We have several different types of sortation systems for different operations. It makes sense to learn all there is to know about these systems so you can choose the right one for your warehouse or business.


The SM-100 is the most basic sortation system and also the easiest to operate and maintain. The system is a design that moves parcels and loads of up to 40 cartons per minute. The two-way system can also allow backward movement, which is efficient for industries that may need to move items back and forth along the system. You can control the SM-100 with PC application software to make the process easier and more reliable. As such, most people will use the SM100 to move trays, allow inline installation and sort carriers.


This sorting system is the most popular in the market, and has a design that can move up to 90 items in one minute. The low-maintenance automated fulfillment and order processing system are famous for moving the following items:

  • Small boxes
  • Poly bags
  • Media like books
  • Laminated sheets
  • Parcels

The modular design is usually easy to install and has a seamless integration process to quickly sweep the item to the designated location. More so, it has an electric operation to smooth automate fulfilment for your e-commerce business.


The system moves lighter boxes and moves them at a rate of 30 minutes per minute. It has a pusher sorter design that rejects cartons, which do not fit the system, to allow better handling and parcel movement. The best quality of this system is the straightforward installation process and its bi-directional operation process.

Is it right to invest in an automated sortation system?

The ultimate answer is that automation sorting systems are almost always better because they ease work and reduce operational time. However, we cannot decide which of the above is the best for your business if we do not understand your goals, business cycle and operational needs. Feel free to talk to us about any concerns and let us help you choose the right one to match your financial and industrial needs when you hire us for the contract.


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